New!  Zimbra System Status Page

New! Zimbra System Status Page

We use a variety of monitoring tools to make sure we know what’s what with our Zimbra Hosting environment, and we are pleased to announce that customers now have access to our “outside-in” monitoring (courtesy of UptimeRobot).

You can see the uptime report for all of our Zimbra’s public-facing services by browsing to  This link is also available under the Zimbra Menu on our web site.

UptimeRobot has been our preferred “outside-in” monitoring solution for more than a year now.  UptimeRobot uses a suite of global data centers to perform a variety of checks, including web (https/s – on any port you specify), SMTP, IMAP, Submission etc.  Since our customers are global, it’s important we know that our Zimbra hosting environment is available for them globally.

And now our customers can see what we see in real time too.

Three Kinds Of Monitoring Needed Actually, If You Are Interested…
Because all hardware fails (eventually) and all software has bugs, knowing what’s what with complex applications like Zimbra requires three kinds of monitoring:

  1. Infrastructure Monitoring – Is the hardware, networking, etc. functional?
  2. “Inside-In” Monitoring – Are the ZeXtras components Zimbra relies on working? Is Anti-Spam working? Is Zimbra’s Denial of Service filter working? Is Zimbra’s Postfix MTA delivering email to users’ mailboxes?
  3. “Outside-In” Monitoring – Assuming the infrastructure and the application’s components are working, does the application present as fully functional to the end user?

Since we host on Amazon Web Services, we rely on AWS’s excellent baked-in infrastructure monitoring tools.  For Inside-In monitoring, we use Pulseway, as their tools are not only top-notch and award-winning, but mobile friendly and incredibly secure.

These three vendors help us to ensure that we deliver the most secure, performant and reliable Zimbra Hosting experience for our customers as possible.

Hope that helps,

L. Mark Stone
Mission Critical Email
22 February 2019

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