Mission Critical Email


Mission Critical Email offers Zimbra Hosting, Licensing, Professional Services and Certified Training 

As a BSP (Business Service Provider) Partner, we host our customers’ email in our highly secure Amazon AWS environment, using full encryption at rest and Zimbra’s encryption in flight.  We are able to satisfy the compliance needs of healthcare providers deemed to be Covered Entities under HIPAA, as well as Registered Investment Advisors and other financial services companies subject to SEC Rules 17 (a) 3/4 regarding email archiving.  We offer multi-tenancy hosting in our Zimbra 8.8 hosting farm using “our rules” (minimum 25 mailboxes and certain security requirements) as well as bespoke single and multi-server Zimbra systems we host and maintain, and which we license under Zimbra’s BSP program or using customers’ own Zimbra licenses.  All hosted systems enjoy elevated security, performance, reliability and ease-of-use from the deep suite of enhanced Best Practices developed over more than twelve years of being a Zimbra Partner.

Zimbra Licensing/Support Contracts
As a Zimbra VAR (Value-Added Reseller) Partner, we provide resold Zimbra licensing and Support contracts for Network Edition (both Perpetual licenses and per-period Subscriptions) and Open Source licensed Zimbra. We have a close relationship with Zimbra’s sales and marketing professionals, and in special circumstances can access marketing incentives to help lower your costs.

Professional Services
With the release of Zimbra 8.8 and many customers facing Zimbra hardware and software lifecycle challenges, our most popular Professional Services offering is a fixed-price Zimbra upgrade/migration package whereby we migrate your existing single-server Zimbra system to a new Zimbra single-server conformed to Zimbra and our Best Practices — all for $1,995.  The process we use results in virtually zero downtime, no lost inbound emails, and all sharing, distributions lists and other attributes fully deployed and intact on the new Zimbra server.  We also do upgrades for multi-server systems, but on a per-hour basis (see the “Get A Quote” button on the homepage to start a discussion).

Our second most popular offering is a Zimbra Tune Up.  This offering is for older, but still supported Zimbra systems which are no longer as performant (and perhaps also not as secure) as they used to be.  This service is charged on a per-hour basis, but is usually less than half the cost of a fixed- single server upgrade (even for smaller multi-server deployments) and so represents an excellent option for safely deferring a major upgrade.

Some customers engage us to perform proactive monthly or quarterly maintenance; some have one-time projects typically involving third-party integrations or support needs that are out-of-scope of Zimbra’s own Support offerings baked in to a Network Edition or Open Source Support contract.

To our knowledge, we are the only Zimbra Partner in North America that routinely provides (discreetly, of course!) professional services to other Zimbra Partners.

Certified Training
We are presently the sole Zimbra Certified Training Partner in the United States.  We provide training remotely and on site, using Zimbra’s proprietary course materials and our own lab environment on Amazon Web Services.  Courses range from a deep-dive, three-day Zimbra Administrator Course to a several-hour Zimbra Help Desk Agent course.