Mission Critical Email

Zimbra Reseller and Referral Program

Get Killer Zimbra Hosting for Your Customers Without Having To Be A Zimbra Expert
Your customers want Zimbra, and for you to continue to provide end-user support. But you don’t have the resources to master all of Zimbra’s complexities, and make time for Zimbra maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, patches, hardware life cycling, firewalling, anti-spam, etc.

You or your customers might have an existing Zimbra deployment that is past end of life, or which used to be reliable but is now having some issues. You know it’s time for a Zimbra refresh, but the engineer you had who did the Zimbra deployment originally has moved on.

We can help! Let Mission Critical Email host your customers’ Zimbra mailboxes for you as part of our Reseller and Referral Program. We worry about the hosting infrastructure, the operating system and the Zimbra application — you take care of your customers.

We now do all our hardened Zimbra Hosting on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), and have developed a number of proprietary techniques to improve on Zimbra’s best practices.  We have been hosting Zimbra since 2006 and presented our AWS hosting best practices at the October 2018 Zimbra North American Partners conference to rave reviews.  We share a number of our best practices on the Zimbra forums (our founder is a long-time moderator there) and in our blog posts.

There are three simple ways for you to give your customers the best Zimbra experience possible and be rewarded for your customer relationships:

Referral Program (We Invoice Your Customer)
Refer a customer to us and we’ll pay you 20% of the first month’s invoice, including the first month’s Zimbra hosting, licensing and onboarding professional services charges.  You continue to provide customer support to whatever degree you wish.  If your customer is a regulated entity, or requires higher levels of email Security, Compliance and Continuity than is provided by Zimbra, help us sell them a Mimecast M2 or M2A subscription and we’ll pay you 10% of the first month’s Mimecast invoice (including training and certification).

Reseller Program #1 – Per Mailbox (We Invoice You)
We have a killer, hardened Zimbra multi-tenant hosting environment on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) for our customers; our own email is here as well.  Zimbra is architected to be multi-tenant out of the box, so each email domain is totally separate and segregated from every other email domain.

Resell our 2GB-, 20GB- and 50GB-quota Zimbra Network Edition Professional mailboxes and we’ll invoice you at a 20% discount from our retail rates of $3.20, $4.25 and $5.00, respectively. You get Domain Admin access to the Zimbra Admin Console, so you can provision/deprovision mailboxes, address account lockouts, etc.  and we can configure your admin accounts to manage multiple domains. You just can’t change anything at the server level and, we need you to commit to a $500 per month minimum (that’s only 125 50GB mailboxes).  If you can’t commit to a $500/month minimum spend, that’s OK, but the discount is less.

We can configure virtual hosts with your customers’ domains and SSL certificates, even your customers’ own logos too.  You take care of all your customers’ support needs, but if you get stuck, we’ll be there to help and back stop you.

Reseller Program #2 – Bespoke Infrastructure (We Invoice You)
This is really an infrastructure + optional licensing deal, suitable for customers of yours that require their own dedicated Zimbra infrastructure, or, if you want more control over your own hosting environment without having to be an Amazon Web Services or Zimbra expert. In a large enough environment, you have the opportunity to make even greater margin.

It works like this…

Together we organize what your hosting environment should look like on AWS for the initial customer(s) you intend to onboard, and how the hosting environment can expand as you sell more.

Again, we do all the hard work taking care of the infrastructure, the operating systems and Zimbra patches and upgrades, by adding 20% (or $295, whichever is greater) to the actual AWS monthly bill.

If you need Zimbra licenses, we are the only “triple play” Zimbra partner in the United States, so we can sell you or your customers their own Zimbra licenses, or, you can use our per-mailbox Zimbra Hosting licenses, or you can bring your existing Zimbra licenses.  Regardless, you get full Global Admin access to the Zimbra Admin Console so you can organize mailbox quotas and your own custom Zimbra offerings however your wish at whatever price point. If you need something special that can be accomplished only via the command line, we do that for you.


Next Steps
The lawyers require us to say the usual things, like “This is not an offer.” and “Terms and Conditions apply.” but if you think the above program might make some sense for you and your customers, let’s start a conversation.