Get The Most Secure, Performant, Redundant and Resilient Zimbra Hosting On The Planet!

  • Is email mission-critical to your company?
  • Are you tired of finding out your email periodically gets blacklisted?
  • Is your current hosting provider or on-premises email everything it should be?
  • Does the risk and complexity of an email migration give you the cold sweats?


We Make Migrations Easy!

“Mark just migrated my entire hosting park over to Amazon AWS – with close to no downtime at all. I was rather nervous and concerned about the outcome, but Mark, who does this 2-3 times per month, firmly held my hand, reassured me that it will all be well – and today, one week after the migration is complete, looking back at it all – I can back up his promises.”

Zimbra’s new Backup NG tool makes Zimbra-to-Zimbra migrations seamless.  But what about migrations from GSuite, Office 365, Amazon WorkMail, and on-premises systems like Exchange, Kerio, Lotus Notes, and homegrown email systems?

For those more challenging migrations, Mission Critical Email has partnered with Audriga, the global email migration specialists endorsed and fully supported by Zimbra themselves.  Audriga offers a simple self-service wizard to enable customers to perform their own migrations priced on a per-mailbox basis.  Just fill out the screens like so and your migration will complete in the background:



Professional Services help from both Mission Critical Email and Audriga is available to help with more complex migrations.


We Host on Amazon Web Services, Because… Because… Because… Because… Because…
Zimbra invited us to present our “AWS Hosting Best Practices” at the 2018 North American Zimbra Partners’ Conference.  Our close relationships with senior Zimbra and ZeXtras engineering staff built over more than a decade enable us to vet our architectures, publish updates to our blog and share AWS hosting best practices to provide customers the benefits from AWS’s incredible levels of performance, redundancy, resiliency and security — at the most cost-effective pricing possible.

Our Zimbra Hosting on AWS features HIPAA-compliant encryption in flight and encryption at rest.  We leverage AWS’s incredible levels of infrastructure redundancy and resiliency to provide near-100% uptime and AWS’s eleven nines of data durability for our Zimbra backups — not to mention top-notch security and really snappy performance at a cost-effective price.


Monthly Per-Mailbox Hosting
We offer only Zimbra Network Edition Professional with all of the features available for your use at your option, including Next-Generation Mobile for Shared Folders, Next Generation Simplified Delegated Domain Administration, Zimbra Connector for Outlook, and Two-Factor authentication among other features.  We have deployed a number of advanced, commercial anti-spam and security settings that are essentially invisible to end users but which result in nearly spam-free email and near-zero false positives.  Monthly per-mailbox is an attractive option for:

  • Smaller companies wary of the costs, security and administrative challenges of hosting, maintaining and upgrading their own on-premises Zimbra system.
  • Larger companies like call centers, ad agencies and others with highly variable mailbox counts who no longer need squander cash to buy Zimbra licensing in advance for peak usage levels.  Adding 200 call center agents across to staff up for a new six-month campaign?  No worries; pay for the additional mailboxes for just six months and then we can deprovision them at the end of the campaign.

Pricing is simple, fixed and based on per-mailbox quotas ranging from 2GB ($3.20/mailbox/month) to 100GB ($15.00/mailbox/month).  Most customers opt for our 50GB-quota mailboxes at $5.00/mailbox/month. 


Bespoke Hosting
Leveraging the same Amazon Web Services architecture and Zimbra best practices we use in our multi-tenant Zimbra hosting environment, we offer bespoke, dedicated single- and multi-server Zimbra hosting for companies with unique requirements that make hosting in a multi-tenancy environment inappropriate.  These needs include but are not limited to:

  • Contractual, regulatory (e.g. HIPAA) or policy-based requirements for strict data segregation.
  • Custom integrations with third-party software not met by Zimbra’s supported zimlet library, and/or which require unsupported Zimbra Server Extensions.
  • Customer root access.
  • Customized Delegated Administrator access not addressed by the Next Generation Simplified Delegated Domain Administration capabilities.
  • Managed Services Providers looking to provide Zimbra to their customers but who themselves do not meet, or do not wish to meet, Zimbra’s BSP Partner requirements and obligations.

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