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Zimbra Certified Training

Zimbra Certified Training From North America’s Leading Training Partner

Good System Administrators start their Zimbra Training by reading the documentation.  But let’s be honest… You could memorize the U.S. National Football League Rulebook and still have no idea how to actually play American Football, let alone what good game play strategies might be.  Not until someone shows you how the game is actually played will you be able to play the game yourself, or understand what’s happening on the field.

We take the same approach to Zimbra Training.  Our Zimbra Training packages start with the Zimbra-certified course materials of course, but unlike other Zimbra Certified Training Partners we go way beyond that by sharing with you our best practices from more than a decade of Zimbra experience with customers who leveraged Zimbra’s myriad features to create unique benefits for their companies.

We offer half-day training for Zimbra Help Desk agents, and deep-dive three-day intensive certified Zimbra Administration training.  Registrants who successfully complete the three-day course are awarded a Certificate of Completion by Zimbra directly, attesting to their high level of achievement.

All training can be conducted remotely or on-site.  Pricing varies by course, whether on site or remote, and by the number of attendees.

Ready to start a Zimbra Training conversation or need a quote?  Check out the available training dates, then fill in the form and let’s get started!