Mission Critical Email is led by L. Mark Stone; a Zimbra Partner since 2006 ::  

Our proprietor adopted Zimbra for his own company around the same time that Zimbra’s parent company Synacor also adopted Zimbra for its customers.

For many years, Mark has been a moderator on the Zimbra forums, maintains in-person relationships with senior Zimbra developers and Synacor executives, and is an active contributor in the greater Zimbra community. He has co-exhibited with Zimbra at various trade shows; contributed to a number of Zimbra wiki articles, and; worked with Zimbra Support to identify and squash a number of Zimbra bugs.  Mr. Stone was the first Zimbra partner in North America to pass the rigorous Zimbra Sales Certification exam.

After a successful stint as the Chief Information Officer for a global barter company based in New York City (which had 19 offices in 16 cities and which directed some $1.2 billion of corporate procurement spend), Mr. Stone founded a successful Managed Services Provider and Cloud Hosting company, later acquired by a telecom company.

Mr. Stone designed, deployed and hosted a Zimbra multi-server system for a marketing services company that hosted more than 20,000 email domains. He helped a multi-national retailer to support the Zimbra system they used to host email for more than 6,000 employees. He has also deployed and hosted HIPAA-compliant Zimbra systems for healthcare Covered Entities, as well as a hardened Zimbra system used by a domestic Drug Task Force with international responsibilities.

Upon founding Mission Critical Email, Mr. Stone architected and deployed the company’s Zimbra multi-server hosting environment on Amazon Web Services.

Over the years, Mr. Stone has refined a series of Zimbra best practices that go well beyond Zimbra’s default configurations, and which provide his customers with Zimbra systems that are performant, reliable and secure — systems that meet each customer’s Mission Critical Email needs.