Zimbra Single-Server Upgrade

Zimbra Single-Server Upgrade


Fixed Price Upgrade for Zimbra Network Edition Single-Server deployments running 8.0 or later versions.


Your Zimbra server has been performing well for years, You’ve skipped a few versions, but even version 8.6 is no longer supported as of September 2018.  Your operating system may also be old and in need of an upgrade.  Perhaps even the engineer who did the original Zimbra install is no longer on staff.  Zimbra has been great for your company, but you are getting nervous about being forced to do an upgrade soon.

Relax!  Mission Critical Email has you covered!

For a low fixed price, we’ll work with you to get you upgraded and migrated to a brand new Zimbra server — on your premises with your Zimbra licensing or in our Cloud with our (or your) licensing.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. We will analyze your existing single Zimbra server and make recommendations for what the new server should look like: RAM, CPU, Disk and Disk partitioning.
  2. We will conform the new operating system to our and Zimbra’s best practices.
  3. We will collaborate with you to help you get the most from the latest version of Zimbra; things like Chat, Password Polices, Two-Factor Authentication, etc.
  4. We will do a bare-bones Zimbra installation on the new server for you and conform the installation to our and Zimbra’s best practices, as well as your requirements for things like Two-Factor authentication, rate-limiting, anti-spam and other features you may not be maximizing presently.
  5. Using Zimbra’s new BackupNG suite, we’ll install the agent software on your existing Zimbra server, create a backup export and perform a test restore to the new Zimbra server.
  6. You verify if the test was successful, and then we schedule a cutover, followed by a “catch-up” backup/restore.
  7. Your migration to a brand-new server is complete!

If the test restore doesn’t complete successfully, you’ll open a Support Case with Zimbra — your license and support agreement entitles you to help from them for these issues.  We can provide as much extra help in that regard as needed (though that’s not included in the fixed price for the migration)