Zimbra Multi-Server Upgrade Add-On

Zimbra Multi-Server Upgrade Add-On


If you are upgrading a multi-server Zimbra environment, purchase one of our Zimbra Single-Server Fixed Price Upgrade services plus one of this service for each of your additional Zimbra servers.

If you currently have, for example, two LDAP servers, two MTA/Proxy servers and five mailbox servers, you would purchase one Zimbra Single-Server Fixed Price Upgrade service plus eight of this Additional Server Upgrade Add-on services.


Upgrade Your Mutli-Server Zimbra Farm For A Fixed Price
Zimbra is able to scale to millions of mailboxes and millions of emails per hour simply by adding a mix of resources and additional Zimbra servers for different functions: Proxy, LDAP, MTA and mailbox servers.

When it comes time to upgrade Zimbra, these additional Zimbra servers provide opportunities for eliminating downtime perceived by end users, but also add complexity to the upgrade process.

Mission Critical Email has more than a dozen years’ experience doing Zimbra upgrades, so we’ve developed proven upgrade processes that enable us to offer upgrade services for a fixed price, based on the number of servers in your existing Zimbra environment.

Purchase the Zimbra Single-Server Fixed Price Upgrade product plus one of this service for each of your additional Zimbra servers, and let’s get started getting you on a stable, performant and secure Zimbra environment that will last for years to come!

Need To Move Data Centers?
We’ve live-migrated Zimbra across data centers multiple times.  We can do this for you as part of an upgrade; the old and new Zimbra servers need not be in the same data center.