Large 20 GB Network Edition Professional Mailbox Hosting

Large 20 GB Network Edition Professional Mailbox Hosting


Get Zimbra’s latest Network Edition Professional with all features turned on and let us worry about hosting, maintenance and monitoring!

Mailboxes at this price come with a 20 GB per mailbox quota.



When you need a full-featured, mid-sized mailbox, our mailboxes with 20 GB of quota satisfy your needs cost-effectively.

Our Zimbra Hosting environment uses the latest available Stable version of Zimbra, hosted in a hardened Amazon Web Services environment, and with all of the available Network Edition Professional features turned on.  Included at no extra monthly cost (and not available on the free Open Source Edition) are:

  1. Highly secure Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”)
  2. Zimbra Connector for Outlook
  3. Zimbra Mobile and Mobile Device Policy Management – including remote wipe capabilty
  4. Archiving and Discovery
  5. Zimbra Chat/Talk Instant Messaging
  6. Realtime Backup and Restore
  7. Optional Active Directory authentication and Exchange Interoperability
  8. Delegated administration
  9. S/MIME Digital Signatures and Encryption
  10. Shared Items synchronization