Mission Critical Email

Security and Compliance

Enhance Any Email System’s Security, Compliance and Continuity With Add-On Services From Mimecast

Regulated Entities (HIPAA Covered Entities, Financial Services firms covered by SEC 17 (a) 3/4 and other firms subject to laws regarding email) have “special needs” when it comes to email security, compliance, and continuity.

For all companies, phishing, malware, viruses and other email-borne attacks have become increasingly pernicious, so much so that the protections baked-in to Zimbra and Office 365 could use some reinforcements to keep your employees, customers, suppliers and vendors as safe as practicable. No company wants a reputation as an inadvertent source of malware infecting its customers or suppliers, and no company can afford not to protect itself from malicious email.

A Unified and Customizeable Security, Compliance and Continuity Solution
After a six-month bakeoff, we chose to partner with the specialist global email security firm Mimecast <NASDAQ:MIME>, a Gartner Group “Leader” in multiple categories several years running.  Mimecast works with any email solution, including Zimbra and Office 365.

Mimecast’s offerings typically replace solutions provided by multiple vendors, providing a more cost-effective and easier-to-manage bundle to meet your company’s email security, compliance and continuity needs.

Several bundles are available to provide even higher cost-savings, and multiple add-ons are available to help you purchase a Mimecast solution that best meets your organization’s requirements in a budget-friendly way.

Key Mimecast Features Include:

  • Virus, Spam and Spear Phishing Protection
  • Encryption and Advanced DLP (Data Loss Prevention) — including a US Healthcare Pack
  • Immutable, Compliant Archiving with 99-Year Protection
  • Strip and Link Large Attachments
  • Secure Messaging
  • Stationery and Disclaimer Management
  • Rolling Archives
  • Realtime Continuity — 100% Email Uptime SLA
  • Outlook Plugin, Mobile and Web Portal Access
  • Support From Mimecast directly, at various levels

Give your mission-critical email the mission-critical protection it requires!  To learn more about Mimecast’s leadership position, visit Mimecast directly.

To start a conversation with us about which Mimecast bundle is right for your company, fill in the form below.