Mission Critical Email, the leading Zimbra Certified Training Partner in the United States, will be conducting the 3-day Certified Zimbra Administration Course on April 9 through April 11, 2019.

This hands-on course, delivered interactively, online, empowers system administrators to deploy, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade their single- and multi-server systems in accordance with Zimbra’s best practices.

The course is delivered in English, in the Eastern time zone (GMT -4) but is open to participants worldwide.

Mission Critical Email provides a Zimbra lab environment hosted on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) for participants to use during the training, and includes as a free bonus extra material relevant to hosting Zimbra on AWS not included in the formal Zimbra training syllabus!

Each day includes ample time for questions and answers; the formal agenda outline comprises:

Training Overview – Day 1:

  1. Zimbra architecture overview and licensing
  2. Installation
  3. Administration Console overview
  4. Zimbra Command line interface
  5. Security
  6. Maintenance and troubleshooting

Training Overview – Day 2:

  1. Backup and restore
  2. Performance tuning and monitoring
  3. Migration options and planning
  4. Upgrading
  5. Personalization

Training Overview – Day 3:

  1. Architectural components and storage considerations
  2. Multi-server considerations
  3. Delegated administration


Course Prerequisites:

To get the most benefit out of this training, participants should have:

  1. Downloaded and used the Trial version of Zimbra prior to starting the course
  2. Some knowledge of Zimbra’s web client features
  3. Linux command line system administration skills, including at least:
    1. Use of a shell editor like nano, joe or vi
    2. Knowledge of /etc/fstab, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts and how these are configured on your desired Linux distribution
  4. Understanding of DNS resolution, networking routing, ports, protocols and firewalling
  5. Use of tools like ssh -i, chmod, chown, top, netstat, ps, free, fdisk, mkfs, and blkid a strong plus
  6. Knowledge of basic Linux shell scripting a strong plus

Successful completion of the course entitles participants to obtain an official Certificate of Completion from Zimbra directly.


Technical Considerations:

  1. We use FreeConferenceCall.com for online training.  Please consider downloading, installing and testing the client software prior to the start of training, and be aware of the System Requirements section (including firewalling) at https://www.freeconferencecall.com/support.
  2. We strongly recommend using a two-monitor setup for each participant; one monitor for displaying the instructor’s screen, and one monitor for your SSH and web sessions to the lab environment.
  3. The FreeConferenceCall.com client software allows for changes in Presenters (screen sharing), and use of the microphone and camera on your computer. We anticipate participants may wish to share their screens during the Question and Answer sections; please remove from your Desktop any company-confidential items you would not want to share with other participants.
  4. Although FreeConferenceCall.com supports both telephone and computer speakers/microphone for voice communication, our experience has been that in areas with marginal Internet connectivity, participants will be better served using a separate land-line or mobile telephone to call in.


Pricing and Registration:

The course fee is US$2,000 per participant, paid prior to April 5, 2019.  Details to connect to the online meeting will be provided after receipt of payment.  Payment may be made via check (US funds only), ACH or credit card.

To register, please complete the following registration form: